Divide & Conquer: An Adult Course in Common Core Division.

Step-by-step guide for understanding and applying Common Core division concepts.

Common Core Math Division For Teachers & Guardians

Common Core Standards for math aren’t really that complicated – it’s just different.

The Divide and Conquer: An Adult Course in Common Core Division is a fun, engaging and uncomplicated way to learn and understand this new math standard.

Why Is This Course Important?


Learning the concepts of Common Core division ensures that all students, regardless of where they live, their economic background or race, have equal opportunities for graduating from high school and are better prepared for college and the workforce.


In our increasingly competitive global economy, all students must now compete with not only American peers in other states, but with students from around the world. Common Core math is designed to prepare students to succeed in this highly competitive environment.


The Divide and Conquer course provides guardians and teachers with a comprehensive understanding of the Common Core division concepts. These concepts will be needed to help support and reinforce learning this math standard at home or in the classroom.

Thinking Skills

Common Core math develops higher-level thinking skills in students. This deeper learning  of how you arrive at a solution, instead of just following an algorithm, ultimately leads to better problem-solving skills and increased reasoning.


This course is beneficial for guardians or teachers in helping them expand the knowledge base of the community, build confidence in understanding and learning Common Core math concepts, and building a strong math foundation.

Knowledge is Power!

Set your child or student up for success and take the Divide and Conquer: An Adult Course in Common Core Division today!

What’s Included in The Course?

Six Easy to Understand Self-paced Modules

Everything from why Common Core math is used to division concepts and how to apply them.

Email Support

For any questions you might have about the course or for help with any of the modules.

Dedicated Facebook Group

Where you can connect with other guardians and teachers and ask additional questions.

Free 15 Minute Zoom Call

With instructor for added support and specific course questions.

Money-back Guarantee

If you go through the entire course, utilize the email support and Zoom call, but did not learn the Common Core division concepts you will get a full refund.

Why Learn Common Core Math From Me?

I’m a teachers’ teacher, literally! I have a Ph.D. in Math Education with over 15 years of successful education experience. I’ve taught teachers, guardians and students, both online and face-to-face, using different, engaging, creative, and innovative techniques for learning and teaching math.

Being African American, I’ve dedicated my career to making math relatable to a diverse population. I believe every child, including those in low-income school districts, has a right to equal educational opportunities regardless of their race or where they live.

Testimonials from students & future teachers

Dr. Steele is one of the most professional teachers I`ve ever met. She is so caring, always encouraging to succeed and do your best. Always giving an accurate feedback. I really enjoyed this course and especially, being in her class.

I loved having Dr. Steele as my math instructor, I was very nervous to do math online but she made it very easy to access her outside of canvas and she was very enthusiastic about the class which made it seem not so bad. She made class very fun.

Dr. Steele created an environment that made it feel ok to ask questions and checked for understanding. She asked us the WHY behind an answer to ensure that we would be able to successfully teach this to our future students/classes.

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