Open your eyes to a world of STEM

reimagined and reborn!

The old rhetoric surrounding the idea of being a black woman in STEM is simply untrue!

Your child has plenty of STEM potential locked up inside their heart that’s waiting to burst out at just the right moment. Now is your opportunity to help them along their journey to pursuing a technical and rewarding profession that makes you proud!

A true crisis has been developing for many years related to the underrepresentation of people of color in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

Only 2% of STEM jobs are being held by black women. That doesn’t mean we’re not capable.

This simply means that as educators, mentors, and parents, we must do better to encourage young, black girls to build a strong and confident connection between their hearts and the world of STEM education.

Your student is not alone if she feels:


that STEM topics she learns in school don’t really translate to the real world


about the lack of connection with her teacher


by the way STEM subjects are taught to her during class


because her current course load isn’t challenging her mentally or academically


that her internal love of STEM might start to show outwardly

Do You Understand the Importance…

Of Fostering Early Interest In STEM Among Black Girls?

Many young, black girls don’t see any representation in the STEM field of individuals who look like them. This leads to the stifling of their passion for numbers, given they don't have a mentor they can trust.

Let me ask you this, how important would it be for your daughter to form a deeper connection with an educator that goes beyond surface-level academics? Don’t you want to find out?

Being surrounded by other black women in STEM is the first step to showing your student that other people also have a strong passion for STEM education and truly understand how they feel.

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Is It Truly That Simple To Fall In Love With the Essence Of Math? Yes, yes it is!

“The STEMverse Is Calling You” course contains seven knowledge-filled modules that will help your daughter gain the confidence needed to pursue her goals. This provides the foundational development of a young woman who thrives with every new challenge life brings.

Each module contains an exciting journey through a STEM field, real-life STEM superheroes, STEM careers, mindset scenarios, and hands-on activity completed using a cell phone. The material is presented through engaging videos and stories.

Here’s a sneak peek into the knowledge she’ll obtain with these exclusive modules!

› Students will explore why there is no innovation without STEM and join the adventures of superheroes throughout the STEMverse.

› Students will learn how cell phones result from STEM fields that significantly impact today’s society.

› Students will create their own STEMverse character.

› Students will go through an exciting journey exploring how science and scientists impact real life via the electric grid and its effect on cell phones.

› Students will reflect on their identity to discover its impact on mindset.

› Students will go through an exciting journey exploring how technology influences all aspects of our everyday lives and its connection to cell phones.

› Students will reflect on what is important to them to discover its impact on mindset.

› Students will learn how engineers continue to design and integrate more intelligent products to help us communicate and complete various tasks in our everyday lives.

› Students will explore how wireless communication networks are affected by many environments around us.

› Students will reflect on why they do what they do to discover its impact on mindset.

› Students will learn how data is stored and computed in data centers worldwide that allow this information to connect with their cell phones.

› Students will reflect on communication to discover its impacts on mindset.

› Students will learn how people can be highly dependent on STEM services/products.

› Students will learn how many people are unaware of their addiction to STEM products, given their dependence on them.

› Students will reflect on connecting to discover its impact on mindset.

› Students will learn to appreciate the connections of all STEM fields

› Students will review a summary of all the information covered in the course, including requirements, design, production, and maintenance of their cell phone

› Students will finish the class having the confidence of knowing they’re enough and they can follow their dreams

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Your Child Deserves This Course

The Future of STEM Rests In Their Hands

Take a moment to think about your precious child.

What are their favorite subjects in school, and what are their least favorites? If you’re currently replaying in your mind moments when they burst open the door proclaiming they hate math problems, you’re in the same position as many other parents just like you!

Now is the time to ask yourself, can we flip that narrative?

Why Take a Course with Me?


I have a passion for teaching and believe all students can learn. I have a Ph.D. in Math Education and over 18 years of experience in education, both online and face-to-face, using different, engaging, creative, and innovative teaching techniques.

I’ve served students as a STEM program director and a university and high school instructor in a large capacity. My ultimate goal is to expose black girls to STEM fields and careers while building social skills and growth mindsets. I realize the importance of representation, and since I’m a STEM professional, I want to show girls who look like me can also become one.

This course is for your child if you believe:

Your child would love to learn about science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM)

Your child is a black girl between the ages of 12 and 17

You want your daughter to develop a growth mindset that fosters a positive outlook on herself and her capabilities

You want your daughter to be taught and mentored by someone who looks like her and can personally relate to her experiences while pursuing a STEM career.

You can benefit from further understanding the external factors deterring your child from chasing her dreams.

This single course is packed full of educational and life-changing opportunities your daughter can positively apply to the world around her!

Did you ever think using an everyday item like a phone could help her learn about STEM?

“The STEMverse Is Calling You” course provides a safe space for teen girls to explore the world of STEM and understand how exciting life can be when they’re permitted to learn through a different lens. So let's retrain their brain to discover how to learn math from the beginning.

Give your daughter an avenue to meet other young intellects just like her!

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