Dr. Bridget Steele

I work to young girls into the world of STEM

Hi, I’m Dr. Steele.

Educator, mathematician and self-proclaimed bougie numbers nerd.

Hi, I’m Dr. Steele.

Educator, mathematician and self-proclaimed bougie numbers nerd.

Math and inspiring young people fights for the top spot in my heart. I’ve got over 18 years of experience in education, including professional development facilitation, internship coordination, project consultation, STEM program direction, research, and curriculum writer. I’ve built programs to not only educate young ladies on the basics of math, but how to fall in love with it. I’ve been a speaker at national conferences and coached t​​eachers and administration on implementation of evidence-based math. Basically, I teach the teachers!

I’m all about destroying basic methods to rebuild new paths to numbers. With my signature program, B.O.S.S.E.S. (Brilliant Outcome of STEM Sistas in Education and Society), I cover the personal development and STEM curriculum that come with being a young girl or teen. I’ve tutored, mentored and taught thousands of students, and I’m so excited to usher your family into the world of STEM.

All I ask is that you do your best, and forget the rest.

“I got through the course! I really thought it was awesome! I especially liked that I was better able to visualize why the math was working, rather than depending on memorizing facts and hoping that they worked. I like the idea of breaking math down into pieces that I can visualize and comprehend.”

Previous Student

“The way Dr. Steele taught her classroom and conducted things was amazing. I learned a lot from her and I would take her for every single math class if I could.”

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My end game is always education.

So how can you join in? Check this out:

B.O.S.S.E.S. (Brilliant Outcome of STEM Sistas in Education and Society)

A six-week program that covers mindset, health, relationships, social media, financial literacy, authenticity, and of course, STEM, for girls age 12-17.


Want to encourage young girls and ladies to become invested in their education with bright minds and brighter futures? Contact us to sponsor a cohort today!

Unlearn what you’ve learned and reverse the one-trick-teaching methods.

You can do that with an educator that knows the ins and outs, and can explain them in clear and simple terms.

The families I work with have all sorts of experiences, similar to yours:

With parents and guardians I



  • A chance to lower stress, and have a healthy outlet to express frustrations with super traditional teaching methods.
  • A chance to encourage your child to enter STEM, with a community of fellow girls who face similar struggles. Now, it’s not just you that tells her she’s smart and wonderful.
  • A seamless transition from exhaustion, discomfort and hopelessness to excitement and joy surrounding schoolwork.

With students and mentees, I

  • You’re stuck in a cycle of procrastination, and want to prepare for state exams, SAT and ACT, but don’t have a lot of hope that you can pull it off yourself.
  • The transition from homeschool to private or public school has been rough. What used to be fun and comforting has turned into exhaustion.
  • You want to get a truly custom experience, because you know you and all your classmates learn differently.
  • You’ve been on the honor roll with straight A’s all of your life. You’re disappointed in your grades because you’re used to being the best.
  • You nerd out over everything math and science, but finish your work early and feel like you could learn so much more. You want to take your first steps into a STEM career after high school. People raise their eyebrows when you say you’re a future doctor, mathematician, biologist or professor.

“Don’t let anyone rob you of your imagination, your creativity, or your curiosity. It’s your place in the world; it’s your life. Go on and do all you can with it, and make it the life you want to live.” –Mae Jemison

“I didn’t like math myself until my Junior year when a classmate helped me and I was finally able to “see” why the math was working, and I feel that this course helped me see the math as well. I think learning math as an elementary school kiddo this way would have been better for my education and self-confidence. I feel like I was better able to understand Common Core math, and I also feel that this would have been a better way for me to learn math as a kid. I am a visual learner, and this course appealed to my learning style.”


“She was very helpful when she would notice we did not understand certain things just by our discussion post, or if it was something small she would comment or email us. Math has never been hard for me so I did not struggle much but when some of the harder topics came up those did become a bit confusing for everyone and she provided all the help she could for us.”

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“Dr. Steele was excellent. I don’t like online classes, but she was so involved with the class and her students. She made the online class feel like a classroom environment. She was extremely enthusiastic, I was able to detect her love for the subject through her teaching skills. She was very encouraging and delivered lots of verbal praises.

She ensured our grades were posted in a timely manner. I can go on about her. Nothing needs to be changed about the class. Thank you Dr. Steele for being a GREAT professor.”

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