Your favorite teacher’s favorite teacher!

I’m Bridget, but you can call me

Dr. Steele.

I have a passion for teaching and believe all students are capable of learning. I’ve taught online and in-person for years, and my ultimate goal is to help you realize you can, in all aspects of life.

  • I’m a STEM educator, but my focus is in math, because there’s no STEM, without the “M”. Whether it’s science, tech or engineering, math is engrained in each and every one. I ensure that young ladies not only have the tools to gain social skills, but also a STEM career.

  • I have countless honors, awards and certifications under my belt. I’ve aquired a teacher’s certification in Secondary Mathematics, have facilitated professional development training, and presented at national conferences.
  • I hold a Doctoral Degree in Education, with a specialization in Mathematics Education, from the University of Central Florida and a Master’s Degree in Mathematics Education from the University of Central Florida. I’m also a proud Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU) graduate of Bowie State University, where I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics.

  • I have over 18 years of experience. I’ve served students in a large capacity as a math tutor, high school math teacher, university instructor, program specialist, and program director.

    “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right….”


    ~Henry Ford

    Positive mindset is what all my teaching is based upon. You can achieve what you desire, no matter what society says. Math, family, life and so much more.

    So why should you rock with me?

    • You can learn (and most importantly, execute) math.
    • You can grow into your true self.
    • You can have boundaries that people respect.
    • You can thrive in uncomfortable situations.
    • You can say “no” to situations that don’t serve you.
    • You can become the next STEM professional.
    • You can be a whole person, even if you aren’t an adult, yet.

    When I’m not in a classroom or behind a desk, I love to do a few things:

    Travel Across the World

    I’ve taught students internationally in China and Abu Dhabi. I’ve been to five of the seven wonders of the world, and visited 20 countries and counting!

    Shop til’ I Drop

    I don’t go overboard with my spending, but I am bougie, so high end, quality goods are my go-to.

    Do Things a Little Out-of-the-Box

    Remind me to show you pictures of my selfie with a tiger or my skydiving adventure, for now, here is a really risky (but fun) photo holding a snake.

    Flex My Competitive Streak and Play Sports

    I played volleyball, basketball and track throughout my school career. An injury caused me to take a backseat, but I still love to be active every chance I get!

    It’s time to finally “get” STEM